Sonntag, 22. April 2018

I am a happy person

I have been a pensioner for a year now.
Own house, therefore I do not have to pay rent.
And I can rebuild the house as I like.
And my money is enough for electricity, Heating etc. I can pay for everything without stress. Also very important i do not need fear to have my job.
The money comes on time every month. And I'm not alone. We live here with 3 generations.
And our pets are also an important part of our family.

Even if I did not know how to continue, then there was always a lucky coincidence, and a new phase of life began.

In the garden and as a home improvement there is always something to do.
Boredom does not exist with me.

I have a good satellite reception system for many TV channels.
And yes, fast internet in the whole house.

Internet not only at home, through the smartpone everywhere on the road.
Not only the phone is smart.
More and more things are becoming smart
That's how I convert my whole house into a smart home
I like to do everything by myself

Here I describe how I repaired my own heater

childhood memories

To all the many things I deal with is added; Create websites
and have been creating cartoons for a long time
my profile picture I created with Makehumen that is software to create 3 D character for cartoon
To use it in Blender the open source software for cartoon and animation

sometimes I like eating out either in a snack bar or in a restaurante

 from village to city and back

Born and as a child I grew up in a small village.
And later I lived in Berlin for a few years
So I know what it's like to live in a village but I also know the advantages of a big city
Now I live in a larger village with good shopping opportunities.
And the nearest small town with more shops and restaurants is only 5 km.
The next bigger city is Hamburg that is 100 km

 Through my job and privately 

I have traveled to some distant countries

Japan, China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Thailand, USA, Großbritannien,
Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway etc

Women were always important too


If my 1st girlfriend from the small village would not have ended with me my life would certainly have gone differently
Today I am very grateful for that because otherwise I would still live there today and would have seen nothing of the world.
And also professionally I was able to develop so much further.